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Friday Routines - Oh What A Beautiful Morning! - 3/6


What a STUNNER!  There’s not a cloud in sight on the Doppler or in the sky.  And talk about blue!  I went for a very quick walk this morning to get this picture.  Last time I tried to take it, my camera battery was dead.  That was about two weeks ago.  And the weather has not cooporated until today. 

What was nice about this quick little stroll is that everyone I passed offered a “good morning,” “beautiful day,” “have a good one,” “going to the beach?” and a smile…Friendly faces I have never seen before.  I walked back to my house with an invigorated gait and a plan to take a longer walk later today on the beach (after I make sure my camera battery is fully charged).

Sugar cookies are on the agenda today for one thing. I’m toying with the idea of using butter flavored shortening in one batch.  I cringed at the thought but after consulting Shirley O. Corriher’s book BakeWise

A great book for the inquisitive baker

…not so much now.  I’m looking for a cookie that doesn’t spread and holds it shape when a cookie cutter is used.  Nothing worse than a cookie that looks promising all cut out in a cute shape then morphs into a blob in the oven. I’m thinking if I use a courser sugar (granulated rather than confectioners), an egg (for moisture) and the butter flavored shortening…I just might get there….Anyhew…we shall see. 

Next project…a pre pie competition pie, but I’ll probably wait until the human vacuum cleaners come over on Sunday for that. 

I better get going, I still want to fit in that walk on the beach!

Same picture as above except upside down...